Thursday, August 8, 2013

thrifty thursday [rental kitchen]


welcome to my rental house kitchen.
it's my 8th one, but by far my worst.
that's the tricky part about renting a space.
some aesthetic changes are possible, but what do you do about something like this??
my first thought was white paint (surprise, surprise)
but then I'm left with a green countertop.

but over the years I've become an expert of working with what I have, 
so I pulled out everything I could think of to work with a seemingly impossible main space.
it's amazing what a few coats of white paint and some 
accessories can do.



thank goodness green fits in with an organic modern colour palette.
and funny enough, a Starbucks one as well.



  1. That looks incredible Nikki!!! WOW!!

  2. Looks, great Nikki! Amazing what paint can do!!! xo, S.