Monday, September 16, 2013

Staying true to each season of my life and taking a break from puttogetherness.

See you in another season, in another time.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

thrifty thursday [rental kitchen]


welcome to my rental house kitchen.
it's my 8th one, but by far my worst.
that's the tricky part about renting a space.
some aesthetic changes are possible, but what do you do about something like this??
my first thought was white paint (surprise, surprise)
but then I'm left with a green countertop.

but over the years I've become an expert of working with what I have, 
so I pulled out everything I could think of to work with a seemingly impossible main space.
it's amazing what a few coats of white paint and some 
accessories can do.



thank goodness green fits in with an organic modern colour palette.
and funny enough, a Starbucks one as well.


Thursday, August 1, 2013

in the middle.

there comes a time in a woman's life when she realizes that she is as close to middle age as she is to teen age
and shopping at Forever 21 becomes more questionable than you initially remember.
being 29 has made me painfully aware that my 20s is close to becoming a distant memory
and while I believe age is just a number, I had a moment of panic thinking of the trends that are probably only 20-something appropriate.
hence, the sudden (and very first) debut of my mid-drift. 
I tried to balance out this risky move with long sleeves, old-world cat-eye glasses, and neon, flowy colour blocking.

shirt [winners] skirt [jcrew] necklace [kate spade] glasses [urban outfitters]

 so in the middle of Boston's Library courtyard
I am mid-exposed, wondering where exactly I should stand in my current decade appropriate timeline.
perhaps for now, somewhere in the middle.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

an indecisive woman's art project.

choosing paint colours are a non-option for me.
mostly because I can't imagine ever painting any wall anything other than white.
but I love modern, colorful art that together with the bright walls lends itself to an art-gallery feeling.
I thought it would be fun as an ode-to the paint chips I will never bring home, 
to design a piece that played on the ombre-trend, required very little work (anyone can do this!)
while feeling familiar to my favourite works of pixilated art in CubeWorks, a gallery in the Distillery District in Toronto.

I started with choosing colours in a palette that I thought worked well together.
then I watched 2 episodes of Parks and Recreation while I cut out each rectangle, 
making sure they were roughly the same size.

I then had the fun job of trying out a few different arrangements of the various colours before settling on one that I loved.

out came the glue to put all the little pieces together.

and now every paint colour sits on the walls of which they will never permanently grace.
and I can enjoy a punch of modern, graphic art that was virtually free.
you only pay in the embarrassment of answering the "can I help you choose a colour" question 
from the Home Depot representative looking concerned at your monstrous pile of paint chips...


Monday, July 15, 2013

it's not black and white.

sometimes there is a look or an article of clothing that I can confidently respond with an,
"I love it!"or "I hate it!"
this whole black and white stripe, head to toe trend has, however, left me in the grey.
at first glance it was too Beetlejuice for me. then it somehow looked Parisian chic.
since I was unsure, I wasn't about to spend any money on a dress (or, dare I say, striped pants),
so I paired an almost-identically patterned skirt and shirt with a bold belt to give the illusion of said dress.
turns out, I'm still on the fence. 

skirt [F21] top [HMD] belt [BCBG] 

some things are just not black and white.


Monday, June 24, 2013

just add ice.

somehow, in a matter of hours, we went from 13 degrees and rainy to 37 degrees plus humidity.
I actually had a nightmare last night that the weather forecast was 77 degrees for tomorrow 
and the news anchors told us to retreat underground to prevent imminent scorching.
maybe I'm just subconsciously mad that we have 3 days left in this sweltering apartment, 
and have already packed the air-conditioner...

but thanks to many Canadian summers without AC I have learnt how to cope:
eating more or less a raw food diet (turning on the oven to cook your food is just not worth it.) 
staying completely still.
never letting your hair touch your face.
and adding ice (to everything) to cool yourself down.
I took the same approach when pairing lavender blue and peachy pink.
this one-of-a-kind icy jewel did just the trick.

shirt [HMD] pants [H&M] bandana [nina ricci] necklace [gift; JennFenton]

so today I was inspired by the fact that it's not 77 degrees, and I did not have to retreat underground.
I figured I should dress for such an occasion. 


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

take a bow.

I didn’t initially intend for it to happen,
But for my 3 past graduations, I have always worn pink.
it began as a colour that I hardly ever wore and thought would be a nice change,
and now it has become somewhat of a tradition.
This time, however, the colour held more significance, 
since it adorned the robes of my most recent - and last - walk across the threshold as a graduate.
the end of an act. a finished performance. the passing of a season. the final bow.

I fell in love with the subtle ombre of the blouse peeking out from the delicate floral pattern of the skirt, 
and the bold shot of neon that helped translate a total pastel language.

shirt [winners] skirt [winners] purse [F21] headband [HMD] necklace [kate spade]

so with a gold bow tied around my neck an appropriately coloured bow clutched in my hand,  
the gift of all I have learned is tied up and ready to be given to generations of young people. 
and it is these future students who will do more with it than I ever could.